Fashion Brand Ambassadors: More than Just a beautiful Face

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Since the times advertising and marketing became routine, brand ambassadors have been synonymous with the product they endorse. A face gets so deeply attached with a particular product that they become almost inseparable. No wonder brand ambassadors are chosen with utmost care. No longer is cutting a pretty picture considered to be a pre-requisite. Click Here.

A celebrity’s life, reputation, body of work and overall personality is a far greater consideration in today’s world of digital pervasion. Capitalising on the popularity and celebrity status of their ambassadors, brands try to build a rapport with the consumers in an attempt to skyrocket their profits.

Alignment between the brand and its ambassador has to be complete and true as choosing a candidate without these considerations can prove be embarrassing for both the parties. Take Lindsay Lohan or Tiger Woods as examples who lost premium endorsement deals owing to their behaviour in the personal and public domain.

Traditionally, fashion charms industry has not been too vigorous in promoting their products through advertisings and brand ambassadors. However, lately the trend has been shifted and all major jewelry houses have famous faces endorsing their upcoming fashion jewelry lines. Apart from famous faces, fashion bloggers have also been collaborating with jewelry design houses to endorse their products in the social media arena.

The all-pervasive social media is one of the most vital of the advertising mediums. People today trust peers and other users more than the celebrities who endorse the product. There has been a definite shift in the advertising trends that have been followed since centuries, and it is visible in almost all industries.

Shiny Metal Became The Top Choice For Fashion Jewelry

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G-bracelt4Silver is a white precious metal that is extremely soft and receptive to polish, making it the metal of choice to create intricate designs in jewelry and tableware since centuries. It was in 12th century that Silver’s ability to be alloyed with other metals was discovered which lead to the creation of Sterling Silver which lead to it being used for making fine jewelry articles. Initially, sterling silver was used to create coins but it was in the 19th century that this shiny metal became the top choice for crafting fineries of all styles and fashions.

No matter how many new metals enter the jewelry industry, silver will always be amongst the top choice and there are various reasons that have led it to retain that position for so long.

We have already spoken about the adaptability of shiny metal to fashion changes and time. In times of antiquity, charms were worn to ward off evil spirits or to attract good luck. With time, as science took over, it was the aesthetic appeal of the charm bracelets that came to the forefront. Women started to wear charm bracelets not as a talisman but as a beautiful piece of jewelry to adorn themselves.

glamulet shopHowever, no matter how much reassessment charm bracelets have gone through, its inherent quality, that of binding you to something bigger, remains. It has now become a mean to show off your political or religious affiliations, philanthropic ideals or even your favourite sports!

When writing about jewelry, we often use several terms interchangeably. Especially words like fad, trend and classic are used very casually without intending any deep meaning. In fashion world, style is forever changing whereas trends keep changing from one season to another.

Same is the case with fashion jewelry. Aimlessly and blindly following the trend is a costly affair yet does not guarantee the diva status you seek. An understanding of the deeper meanings of words like fad, trend and classic would make you understand and predict the fashion guessing games.


Workplace Accessory Or Jewelry

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GM3No matter how ‘in’ the bling would be, it is best left for the after-work parties and soirees. Although there are exceptions to this rule, but broadly a ‘no bling’ rule quite gels with your workplace look and environment. Your workplace accessory or jewelry should be fashionable yet formal. Diamonds are an exception to this rule as sparkling diamond rings, studs or bracelets are considered to be quite chic and sophisticated. Accessories worn to work should only be to enhance your overlook look and should not be blingy enough to be the focal point.

Since bling is out, you could be left asking yourself, what jewelry to wear to office then? Keep it simple and classic! Simple studs make a formal fashion statement, whereas a simple pendant necklace can adorn your neck beautifully without looking too catchy. How about a string of pearls for that chic look? With pearls, you are the least likely to go wrong!

No matter what your office allows or doesn’t, one thing is for sure, do not break away from your inherent style. Stick to your own style and be yourself. Your jewelry should be in consonance with the professional traits that you want to be associated with at your workplace. For office wear, the adage’ less is more’ always holds true!

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It is of utmost importance that the custom jeweller you choose for your dream project is a reliable one with great credibility in the industry. Going through customer reviews would help you much better and informed decision. It is most likely that the design you have in mind has already been crafted by a designer earlier hence taking the designer route can work wonders for you. In case you have something unusual in mind, trusting the custom jeweller would be ideal for you. Lastly, whatever direction you choose, your journey is sure going to be enjoyable and exciting, and would end in realisation of one of your dreams.

Techniques to Understand Consumer Lifestyles and Attitudes

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G-bracelt4Forecasting begins with observation. The key skill of observation is deployed to find patterns and connections in not just fashion but everyday life as well. Analysis is equally important and big players in the jewelry market employ analysis techniques to understand consumer lifestyles and attitudes. Communication comes next as creative brands and designers package the trends into easily understandable reports that make these trends valuable and useful.

The fleeting consumer choices and attitudes have played its part in making this industry extremely dynamic and ever evolving. Internet is also playing a major part in further complicating the market dynamics. Monitoring, understanding and analysing the market and consumer behaviour well is the key to strategise your production, buying and finally sales!

Jewelers are also promoting the concept of this world being a ‘global village’ through fusion of cultures to create east-meets-west aesthetics. Now with the world being a smaller place, cultural traditions of different parts of the globe are being fused together and absolutely stunning pieces of finery are being offered to the connoisseurs. To make the jewelry wearing experience more personalised, jewellers are creating jewelry that tells your story and experiences through motifs, charms, collectibles, coins and medals that refers to varied cultures and works well in all.

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Lately, jewelry connoisseurs are being seen especially attracted to semi-precious stones and materials like pearls and opals. After being appearing in runway fashion shows of great designers like Chanel, pearl is being much sought after by the young and discerning women. In fashion and jewelry, trends do not necessarily have to flow from the top! Even street trends like neon, friendship bands and charm bracelets are soon finding their way to the top brands.

Colored Gemstones: Add a Splash of Color to your Jewelry

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092201While pure metals like gold and stones like diamonds have never really ceased capturing the minds and hearts of women, there are times when other seeping trends push them to the backburner for a while. Even though white diamonds are still the top notch choice in bridal jewelry selections, its various colourful versions are also vying for some serious attention. It is still a symbol of class, and still the first choice amongst men as a token bought for marriage proposal, yet its charm has slightly been overshadowed by the current new trend of colored stones. Colored gemstones have been brought back into the favour of patrons and how! With more and more jewelry pieces now being created with sapphires, rubies and emeralds, their demand is only expected to rise further.

After decades of dominating the jewelry scene, the clear stone is definitely giving way to the colored gemstones. This swooping trend can be attributed to various factors, the most important one being the human tendency to always keep searching for something new and unique. Also, since buying a diamond has always been a costly affair, women in particular are more inclined today to buy big pieces at a lower price tag.

The fascination with diamond and its undying association with a wedding ring began only after the 1940s. A revolution of a kind in the jewelry market began as De Beers introduced white diamonds found in abundance in South Africa to the world as something rare and uncommon. The illusory scarcity also made it a prized possession with a hefty price tag.  ‘Diamonds are forever’ was termed as the ‘best slogan of the century’, and with it began its association with happy marriages. Though historically colored stones had always been part of jewelry worldwide, this mind blowing marketing campaign ensured that this trend was washed off by the lure of the sparkling white campaigns. Also, since colored stones were inconsistent in its supply due to their rarity, they soon went out of favour. However, they are back in vogue today with a zest like never before!

Having a huge middle class with disposable incomes, countries like China and India are the greatest buyers of colored gemstones today. Nonetheless, the USA remains one of the biggest markets for colored gemstones, where more and more people are willing to invest in precious jewelry items. Apart from people buying it as jewelry for personal use, gemstones are quite popular in investment markets as well, owing to its high return value.

Charm Bracelet – A Must Have Ornament In Your Closet

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092201Adding the touch of glamor in the personality is not a troublesome task for ladies of the world as they have a number of jewelry options for them. Bracelets are one of them that grab the eyes of women and entice them to get them in a variety of designs and styles that they can flaunt every day.

Among various western fashion jewelry, charm bracelets are quite popular among the ladies and hence they are available in a number of designs, styles, and sizes. So, people can get them as per their wish and adorn it with the pretty dresses to enhance their style statement.

To pick the right charm bracelets, here are some of the types from which women can choose.


Traditional Charm Bracelet: The traditional charm bracelets are pretty good jewelry piece that holds a number of nostalgic qualities. The bracelet is made up of gold, sterling silver, or other metals. These bracelets contain charms of religiousness, flora or fauna, or special occasion charm. So, according to the time and occasion, people can wear these traditional charm bracelets.

Italian Charm Bracelet: These bracelets are new to the market and they are made up of elastic material and have room for 18 flat, rectangular links. They don’t have any dangle that hangs and reflects any charm. The blank links of the bracelets are being replaced by the ones that the wearer wishes to combine with rest of them. The charms are interchangeable and can be rearranged in the way wearer chooses.

European Charm Bracelet: The European charm bracelets are a bit similar to the Italian one as the charms of the bracelet can be easily changed as like Italian one. The difference is that it has square links instead of flat one and they also have rounded beads that are must in them. Moreover, they are made from glass and enamel. They are made up of metal material.

These charm bracelets are available in a number of designs and styles, so women who didn’t made its purchase yet, they must have it for your closet as it’s unfair with your collection. Explore and find the trendy Charm bracelet and be the part of western fashion jewelry trend.

Valentine 2016 Fashion Jewelry Trends

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Fashion jewelry

092201One of the most prominent colors of the past few seasons, blue will continue to be a must-have color for the fall 2015 season, especially in ultra marine shades. Combining unexpected shades of blue will be an essential styling message for the fall season. The easiest way to achieve this look is with blue silver charms, for bracelet, pendants and earrings. Aquamarine, Blue Topazand Sapphire gemstone jewelry will deliver the unexpected pop of color. One of our favorite ways to wear these gems is with your jeans and heels – a tasteful surprise that always turns heads.

If you are a person, who is looking to know the difference between fashion jewelry and costume jewelry, you are in the right place. I would like to discuss about this topic as many people are asking the same question over and over again. Costume jewelry is known as the earliest type of jewelry items, which was produced as an adornment for the common people. During the ancient time, for complimenting a particular costume, people where using costume jewelry. This practice basically started during the nineteen century. As this jewelry is made by using non reusable and cheap materials, it was basically purchased by the people to wear only with some specific outfit.
Fashion jewelry
The main purpose of the costume jewelry was to use it only for a short span of time as they were made by using low quality products. Most of the ladies during ancient times had the collection of various costume jewelry depending on the outfits they wear. They were also using this jewelry as a trend. However, costume jewelries are not as expensive as the other original jewelry products

Looking For a Gift? Go For The Unique Zodiac Charms Collection!

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For centuries man has studied the alignment of the planets and stars and moon and used this to try and help them see what the future may hold and today some people still have strong believes and that is why you can many people both men and women wearing pieces of jewellery that have Zodiac designs and these can be found in earrings, bracelets, rings and pendants. That is why in this article we will focus on zodiac charms collection that are unique and colourful. These make very good gifts for loved ones.
Circle of life is the meaning of the word Zodiac and it was given this name because these signs are mapped out in a circle design that followed the map of the sun and it all depends on the alignment of the planets and the stars as to what they have to predict. I am sure that you have all seen pieces of zodiac charms collection that have the symbol of the 12 sun signs and these are Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces. You will see these signs on charms that are placed on pendants and charm bracelets, rings with these designs and also bracelets. Many people think that it is lucky to wear a piece of handmade jewellery that has the design of their zodiac sign.
People who are born under different sun signs have different personalities and characteristics and some examples of this are that if you are born under the sign Aries you will tend to be aggressive in nature and powerful. If you happen to have been born under the sign of Pisces you will usually be selfless and very emphatic with other people. When you are looking up what characteristics individual sign are be careful that you do not generalise when reading the descriptions as there are many other considerations that are taken in a personal reading.092201
Many people are starting to wear pieces of these zodiac charms collection with zodiac signs. You will find these designs or earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings and pendants handcrafted from precious metals like gold, silver and platinum and you will also find semi-precious pendants that have been carved with the 12 signs of the zodiac and many hand painted beads and pendants.
There are different semi-precious stones that are associated with the individual zodiac signs and if someone does not want to wear a piece of these zodiac charms collection jewellery that has a sign in the design they may choose to have a handmade design that includes the semi-precious stone that represents their own personal birth sign. You can find many lists that will give you different meanings for each stone and it is up to you choose which one personally that will suite your personality.